Streeva is here to streamline the inefficiencies surrounding payments.

An illustration of innovation within fintech

Streeva is combining innovation with collaboration to fix problems fundamental to economies; partnering with existing companies to enhance their products and services.

Streeva is transforming a payment from a simple money exchange into an event where data is passed securely and privately within the context of a transaction. This data can be used to automate processes surrounding transactions such as tax compliance; cross border trade; expense management; customer support; Government schemes and so much more.

A diagram showing how Streeva can help automate TAX and VAT processes.

A world with Streeva

Streeva is creating an ecosystem which enables private communication between all entities involved in a transaction. Streeva enables the ability for an end-user to digitally receive their purchase data and automate existing manual processes without the need to opt-in or to share personal information to receive it.

An illustration of the Swiftaid service.

Streeva’s technology is enabling The Future of Gift Aid with their initial solution

Streeva are the technical lead in an active effort to automate Gift Aid across all donation methods. The Future of Gift Aid project looks to leverage Streeva’s technology by implementing Swiftaid as an industry-wide solution. The aim is to greatly reduce the £700 million that goes unclaimed every year and the £180 million annual tax gap caused by erroneous Gift Aid claims.