Join us on our mission to make payments work better for everyone.

We love that the world is in the midst of a revolution on how you pay, making it easier than ever for people to pay securely, but often the point you pay is where the innovation ends with everything that comes after being left behind.

Streeva is building the world’s first payment communication network that can deliver payment data (e.g. receipts) to end users without needing any personal data from them. We’re working towards a future where transactions not only pay for goods and services but act as an entry point for so much more.

We are busy building the foundations of our secure network that will enable a range of valuable services on top of digital payments. To help us do this, we are bringing together a talented team with diverse experiences and skills.

We’re an early stage startup that encourages an open, collaborative, inclusive working environment and we’re looking for talented, creative people to come help, so come and join us!

To apply for any of the jobs listed please send your CV and a covering letter to:

Open positions